Bewow Edu is a platform that offers innovative educational projects with strong social and cultural content. The primary goal is to create a deep connection between schools and students through innovative tools and contemporary communication close to young people.
Propose a new gathering place that aspires to become an integrative resource supporting the school system and oriented to social issues by being able to rely on the most powerful learning engine:

La Manada

"No más acoso ni indiferencia"

“La Manada” is an Innovative Spanish-language educational multimedia project that addresses the issue of bullying and cyberbullying in a surprising and constructive way, focusing not only on the action of the bully but also on the role of the group that goes along with it.
An exciting work that transports you to the origins of the problem, where you can find the solution to eradicate it.

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You will be informed about Bewow Edu’s educational, social and artistic activities.


BeingWow is a company specializing in the implementation of projects
educational with a strong social and cultural content aimed at
to school learning.
The primary goal is to support the work of faculty and students
through the use of innovative tools and a communication
The Bewow-Esserewow team, headed by director Marco Carlucci, thanks
to his 20 years of experience in audiovisual production, he wants to
To be a solid reference for schools and an active laboratory at
Support of teachers’ activities.
This revolutionary method involves constant interaction between the
users, aimed at immediate network expansion of traditional
Teaching activities conducted in the classroom or during multimedia events.
The student is at the center of a creative and flexible educational process
open to social-relational dynamics by being able to rely on the most powerful
Learning engine: emotions.

General objectives

Creating a deep connection between school and students through tools
innovative and contemporary communication that can leverage
On the emotions of young people.
Carry out multimedia projects for education, based on the method
“Funny Learning” with modern, engaging content close to the
sensitivity of young people.
Proposing a new gathering place that aspires to become a
integrative resource to support the school system and oriented to the
Youth social issues.
Combining the most advanced digital technologies with the new needs of the
school, bringing together in one space evolved educational functions with all
The benefits of social communication.

Educational Sections

The BewowEdu platform consists of the following sections:

ACT, innovative online teaching tool.

POLIS, virtual arena for opinion polls aimed at young people.

NEWS, blog magazine on social projects and insights.

SHOWS, shows and multimedia events online and real.

EDIT, the creator of video lessons to support teachers.


Latest News


Your own video editor!

Thanks to the Edit function you can make a fantastic video based on the material you send to our creatives
through a guided system and technical support service.
Edit will become an outstanding support for your teaching and business activities:
“surprise your students with effective and modern video lessons.”
” support your online business with the right media”
“describe your services and products without limitations.”


Young people have their say

Polis is a social community where young people can compare opinions on social, cultural issues and generate new collective ideas to change the world.
A valuable tool also in conjunction with feedback and evaluation exercises of what has been learned as a result of enjoying Bewow Edu’s multimedia events.
Participate in our surveys, join Polis too!

Latest POLIS

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ESSEREWOW S.R.L. is a company registered in the register of innovative startups by the Ministry of Economic Development

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