BewowEdu is a project of EssereWow, an innovative startup led by director and producer Marco Carlucci, who as a result of his 20 years of experience in audiovisual production coordinates a team of excellence aimed at developing multimedia and cross-media projects.

Collaborating with us means:

  • EDUCATION- Encouraging young people’s learning by using their language.
  • INNOVATION – Having the most innovative technologies in production and communication.
  • EMOTION – Using digital to convey real emotions.
  • VERSATILITY-Having a single point of contact for managing complex projects.
  • AVAILABILITY – Preventive analysis and optimization of the available budget

ESSEREWOW S.R.L. is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Compliance- SR EN ISO:9001:2015
standard certified company for the design and delivery of training and vocational training courses. Design, implementation and management of web portals. Film, video and television program production, post production and distribution activities.

ESSEREWOW S.R.L. is a company registered in the register of innovative startups by the Ministry of Economic Development

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